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Meditations on a God-Haunted World

Robert L. Boss, PhD

Welcome to ElementalTheology.com—an exploration of the early evangelical reinscripturated worldview of Jonathan Edwards featured in my book God-Haunted World: The Elemental Theology of Jonathan Edwards. Read what people are saying and an interview with EdwardsStudies.com.

Learn more about my project here, a bit about me here, read an interview here, and view more visualizations and content here. Recent visualizations: Poisonous and Hurtful Animals, Clock or Watch, Mountains and Hills, Crocodile, Bread, and Ravens. See the Table

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Overview of theological category God the Creator and Father in the Elemental Theology of Jonathan Edwards.

That the works of nature are intended and contrived of God to signify and indigitate spiritual things is particularly evident, concerning the rainbow, by God’s own express revelation.

Jonathan Edwards, “Images,” no. 55, WJE, 11:66.

God-Haunted World: The Elemental Theology of Jonathan Edwards (2015). Read the book review by Doug Sweeney, Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

What People are Saying

A provocative presentation of a neglected part of Jonathan Edwards’s theology … The universe has not only been created by God, it is literally kept by the power of God every nanosecond and it scintillates with revelation and insight for those who have eyes to see. It is a place where there is no mute fact—everything, from insects to elephants, from molecules to mountains, has a story to tell … Boss makes a compelling case for a renewed appreciation of our natural world.

Stephen G. Dempster, Crandall University

Boss is right about this. I recommend his book to everyone who is interested in typology and/or Edwards’ radically theocentric vision of the cosmos.

Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

… a truly innovative approach to Edwards that beckons to the poetic.

Kenneth P. Minkema, Yale Divinity School

A Reinscripturated World

Reuniting the Book of Scripture with the Book of Nature

Edwards’ reinscripturation of the world is a full-scale endeavor to recover a “comprehensive view, to take in the various actions in the world and look on them at one glance, and to see them in their mutual respects and relations.” “Miscellanies” no. 124. EXISTENCE OF GOD, WJE, 13: 288. His panoramic worldview overturns the deinscripted world of the Enlightenment, restores the Book of Scripture as interpreter of the Book of Nature, and recovers the spiritual constitution of the world.

View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow. Thomas Cole, 1836.


Categorized and Linked

The table below (updated regularly) displays the visualizations of Edwards’ Elemental Theology according to primary theological loci and representative entries in his notebook “Images of Divine Things.” Meaning of icons:
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Visualizations link to their respective pages. Numbered “Images” link to Edwards’ notebook entries hosted by The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University.

Theological Visualization Primary Category Focal Entry
Beams of the Sun
God the Son
God the Son
Caverns & Deep Places
Last Things, Hell
Clock or Watch
Core Emphases
Core Emphases
Suprahuman Beings
Last Things, Judgment
Fleece of Sheep
God the Son
Gravity & Attraction
Last Things, Heaven
Last Things, Hell
Mountains and Hills
Last Things, Heaven
Poisonous and Hurtful Animals
Suprahuman Beings
Suprahuman Beings
Rivers and Streams
Suprahuman Beings
Temptation & Sin

Galley Pages

Selections from the book God-Haunted World

Featuring rich illustrations and summative marginal notes, God-Haunted World is a visual exploration of the nexus between Scripture and Nature in the theology of Jonathan Edwards. Methods of data visualization and associative thinking have been used to illustrate the vast network of Edwards’s emblematic thought.

Physical details: 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm), Full Color on White paper, 142 figures including 98 visualizations, 246 pages. ISBN: 978-0692501276 (pbk).

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